This scheme comprised of 4 terraced two storey houses, located in the centre of a village five minutes walking distance from the beach and local amenities. This is another example of a developer moving away from one of the major banks. Due to the success experienced on the first development the developer progressed with a second development adjacent to the first location with AEF. The second development consisted of 7 terraced dwellings meeting demand generated from the first scheme.



Development 1

£440,000 GDV

£252,000 Loan

LTV 57%


Development 2

£ 770,000 GDV

£227,000 Loan

LTV 29%

Terrace_Anglesey3 Terrace_Anglesey6

New Build – 4 Terraced Houses, Moelfre, Anglesey

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Tel: 01759 458047



Regent House | 11 Regent Street | Pocklington | York | YO42 2QN

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